At the beginning on 2011, almost 6 months after Brandy had passed away. I was finishing reading Rick Springfield’s auto biography called Late Late at Night. This inspired me to do an outline for what would become Finding Brandy. People had told me for awhile I should have written a book on Brandy cause of all the stories I had and how special Brandy was. I’m not a writer and nor do I fancy myself one. But once inspired, I found it easy to do. It just poured out of me. It was tough to do, I smiled a lot and cried a lot. I am so glad I did it. I’m very proud of it and I think it’s a great tribute to the best dog anyone can ever have in their lives.


I am selling Finding Brandy for $10 ($6 for S&H) BUT, I am going to give $2 of every sale to an animal rescue  organization or foundation on a rotating basis. I would also like to hear from anyone that read it and their thoughts. Contact me HERE. I hope you like it and take it for what it is, a heartfelt story!


Download an excerpt HERE!


Here are my tribute videos to my three girls. I found this very cathartic and a great way to  honor them.




A small collection of Brandy pictures through the years.


Here is a list of conventions and book signing I will be attending. Click on the show link for more info.

Sunday August 26th, 2017

Oviedo, FL

Sunday November 19th, 2017

Clermont, FL


What people are saying!

“It takes a great man to share his most tender moments and you did this with grace and courage.  Brandy was special.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  I laughed and cried.  It brought back memories.”

Jean Meleo


"Your Brandy story was so GOOD!. I found myself giggling, laughing out loud, and then crying like a baby!  You wrote this book from your heart and it really showed on every page.  Thank you for sharing your story and love of this best friend, Brandy."

Andra Walt


"Joe, I just finished reading the book. WOW! You should be very proud of yourself. This is a fitting tribute to a wonderful, beautiful, caring dog. It brought back a lot of great memories, and, some not so great memories. Great job."

Jim Meleo

Best Pal in the World

“You should be so proud of the book! I know Brandy would be! Such great stories about her. The pictures were such a great addition to the book as well - they ALL LOOK SO HUMAN!!!! Their faces! It really is rather uncanny! Really such an honest, ALL JOE (and Brandy, of course) book. Thank you for writing it, and thank you for sharing Brandy with all of us!”

Julie Bryant

THS High School Classmate


"I have read your book... like in one night and now I am reading it again slowly. It was just wonderful. You should ship it with a box of tissues as a bonus. Beautifully done."

Sandra Ijames

Close family friend

“Wow..... there is just not enough tissues in the world. A beautiful tribute that mirrors everything I went through/am going through with the loss of  (my dog) Westin.”

Cindy Anthony